Redesign of the corporate website



EP is a french startup specialised in the creation of digital services to improve houses. Their main product is a digital service who can build the health book of your house (energy consumption, renovations…).

The creation of this website should allow the startup to recruit and present their values, projects. I realized this project in-house, in EP, in partnership with the Marketing team and the Artistic Director of the startup.

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Artistic Axis

The main purpose of this website is to bring out different values to facilitate the recruitment and transmit the following concepts: traditional, human, innovative, rustic, unstructured, irreverence, quirky, modernity.

Tradition VS Modernity

We deciced to use a wire iconography to reflect a traditional and rustic aspect, inspired by the geoglyphs of Nasca made on mountainside in 400 A.D, Peru.


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