Creation of the website (2016 Edition)



The advertising caravan of the Tour de France is a convoy of vehicles preceding the passage of the runners. Two hours before the runners pass, « La Caravane du Tour » distributes promotional goods of all kinds. Vehicles are unusual and decorated, they reflects the brand on this international event. I was in charge of creating the design of the website with a ludique approach. We decided to implement video games inside the website in partnership with Casus Ludi.

Website objectives

Our objectives were divided according to three very distinct targets:

For the organisation

- Low bounce rate.
- Time spent on the site.
- Number of fans on social networks.

For the brands

- Traffic generated to the partner website.
- Creating an important optin base.
- Visibility of the brand.
- Interaction created with the brand.

For the Fan

- Discover and interact with the caravan.
- See his own content on the official website.
- Earn gifts.

Customizing the interface

We created a customizable template for each brand because they needed a special page with their own colors, logo and pictures.

The template was built to incorporate the logo on the top, a special cover picture, a primary color (used for buttons), special assets for the games and a social wall feeded by the hashtags of the brand.

Game design

We have designed four new games who all use a specific framework that allows responsive adaptation. Partnership between Casus Ludi (Development), Le Reuz (Sound Design) Düne & Sosoa (Graphics) and Troopers (Website creation).

Moreover, each game is personalized according to the brand: the colors and the gifts to be won are adapted and vary from one brand to anothetdf

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