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wweeddoo is a platform of the social economy, its motto is to motivate teenagers to launch projects that are important to them. A positive approach 100% free to encourage young people to develop confidence in themselves and their future.

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Recast Axis

Despite the interest in this initiative with the 13-25 years old people, Wweeddoo was confronted with two problems :

1. The projects developed on the platform at the initiative of young people via word of mouth in particular often engendered ambitious projects, structured and thoughtful but alas, once they are online, did not benefit from tracking the long term.

2. Projects developed through schools only grew as the time of the workshops but were not prosecuted outside. So there is a real difficulty to make the people stay on the platform and convince them to return.

Original Image After
Modified Image Before

New Features

We decided to Insert a social and playful dimension to motivate young people to browse the site before and after the launch of the project. We developed a notification and messaging system to allow the project's holder to visualize the activity and the evolution of his project. With the deployment of these new features, the user has to return to the site to see its notifications as it would on a social network. Furthermore, messaging can develop a form of communication between the different users of the site, and federate them into a community.

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